Macao Hotel Fresh Air System Odor Purification Equipment Pro

One. Engineering background
  According to the preliminary inspection on site, the air pollution of the 13000 and 21000/m3/h fresh air system is serious. The pollution source is due to the generation of toxic and harmful odor. The exhaust gas emitted by the generator, such as nitrogen oxides NOX, PM2.5, VOCS, carbon monoxide, etc., contains hundreds of A variety of compounds, such as solid aerosols, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, lead and sulfur oxides. Solid suspended particles: The composition of solid suspended particles is complex and has strong adsorption capacity. It can adsorb various metal dusts, strong carcinogens such as benzopyrene and pathogenic microorganisms. Solid suspended particles enter the lungs of the human body with breathing, and are trapped in different parts of the respiratory tract by collision, diffusion, deposition, etc., causing respiratory diseases. When the suspended particles accumulate to a critical concentration, they will stimulate the formation of malignant tumors. In addition, suspended particulates can also directly contact the skin and eyes, block the hair follicles and sweat glands of the skin, cause dermatitis and conjunctivitis, and even cause corneal damage.
  Carbon monoxide: Carbon monoxide binds hemoglobin in the blood 250 times faster than oxygen. Carbon monoxide enters the blood circulation through the respiratory tract and forms a carboxyhemoglobin after affinity with hemoglobin, thereby weakening the function of blood to transport oxygen to various tissues, damaging the central nervous system, causing human sensation, reaction, understanding, memory and other dysfunctions. Harm the blood circulation system, resulting in life-threatening. Therefore, even a slight inhalation of carbon monoxide may cause terrible hypoxic damage. Nitrogen oxides: Nitrogen oxides mainly refer to nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, which are harmful gases to the human body, especially to the respiratory system. Exposure to air for 10 minutes in air with a nitrogen dioxide concentration of 9.4 mg/m3 can cause human respiratory dysfunction. Hydrocarbons: It is still unclear about its direct health hazards. However, when nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons act under the action of the sun's ultraviolet rays, they produce an irritating light blue smoke containing various complex compounds such as ozone, aldehydes, and nitrates. The most prominent hazard of this photochemical smog is to stimulate the mucous membranes of the eyes and upper respiratory tract, causing redness and laryngitis of the eyes. In December 1952, photochemical smog occurred in London. The number of deaths in 4 days was 4,000 more than in the same period of the previous year. The deaths at the age of 45 were the highest, about three times the usual; the number of people under one year was about twice that of usual. Lead: Lead is a toxic heavy metal element. Diesel generator oil is mostly blended with an anti-explosive agent such as tetraethyl lead or methyl lead. The lead and its compounds produced after combustion are toxic substances. More than 60% of the lead in the urban atmosphere comes from cars or generators, and the combustion of leaded gasoline/diesel. Excessive levels of lead in the human body can cause cardiovascular diseases and affect the function and nervous system of important organs such as liver and kidney. Because the lead dust ratio is large, it usually accumulates in the air at a height of about 1 meter, so it poses the greatest threat to children.
   Indirect hazard; Exhaust gas will have a profound impact on the environment of human life while directly endangering human health. The sulfur dioxide in the exhaust gas has a strong pungent odor. When it reaches a certain concentration, it will easily lead to the occurrence of "acid rain", causing acidification of soil and water sources, affecting the growth of crops and forests. In the past 100 years, climate warming has become a major disaster for mankind. The melting of glaciers, the rise of water levels, the El Niño phenomenon, and the La Niña phenomenon all pose serious challenges to human survival. And carbon dioxide is the chief culprit of global warming. It can cause respiratory diseases and lung diseases; it has a great influence on the human respiratory system and heart, brain and blood vessels. Inhalation of unpleasant odor, substances irritating the eyes and respiratory tract, when exposed to high concentrations, when the concentration reaches 1000ppm, it has an effect on the central nervous system, and the eyes, nose and throat will be irritating. A large number of total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) are continuously produced, etc., and in this environment for a long time, it will bring great harm to the health of the individual and the natural environment, and the body and mind are tired and at the same time reduce the work efficiency.
two. engineering design
Design Principles:
1. Choose a technical route that ensures governance effectiveness;
2. Select equipment that saves investment, is reasonable, adapts to local conditions, is simple to operate, operates reliably, and works well;
3. Safe and reliable, easy to operate; no need for regular cleaning, fire prevention, high efficiency purification;
4. After the harmful polluting gas is treated by the purification system, the pollutants reach the standard;
5. Thoroughly purify the air and odor.
Engineering orientation:
(1) A plasma air purification system is installed in the fresh air system equipment to ensure effective removal (TVOC), etc., and the purified air is delivered to each working place.
(2) Therefore, the indoors are cleaned by the loop, and the content of particulate matter and other harmful gases are reduced to a very low level, which makes the indoor air clean. Energy saving and environmental protection.
(3) Using plasma air is equivalent to breathing new air. For example, 13000m3/h fresh air volume + plasma air system (need to be reasonably designed and used, plasma generator quantity, area, odor concentration, air volume, etc.) is equal to about 30,000m3/h of clean air, active air purification The system is mainly to effectively target the source of pollutants, through air flow, rapid decomposition and removal of harmful substances, etc., to achieve fresh air.
three. What is air ion?
  Ions are the charges contained in molecules or atoms. These ions exist in nature. Simply speaking, small ions have a survival time of 30 to 300 seconds, but they are very active; and small ion densities range from 900 to 1100. Negative ions and 1000~1200 positive ions, per cubic centimeter (ion/cm3) in a "fresh air" environment, like the top of a mountain, at sea level we usually experience 500 negative ions and 600 positive ions per cubic centimeter [ Ion/cm3], while in urban buildings, the level of ions drops by 80% to 95%. In the small office, almost no ions are measured. When the ions are reduced, the bacteria grow. In nature, the amount of oxygen ions is increased in the fresh air, the oxygen molecules become active again, and the air quality is raised to the level of "fresh air". In other words, the use of plasma air technology releases and actively collides and attacks, inhibits and decomposes. The molecules of bacteria and moldy cells in the air, and destroying their particles and floating mold, will form a cluster of ionic clusters, so that you can always breathe in the unpolluted ecological environment. The fresh, clean air that is close to nature is comfortable, which is the basis of plasma air technology.

four. Technical traceability:
  Air purification itself exists in nature, the perfection of nature's process and unlimited creativity, establishing the scale, process and results of any thing, thus instructing us to understand the mysteries. The Edda air air ionization process mimics nature and develops different products according to different indoor environments. According to the ion concentration in nature, the ions in the indoor air are always supplemented. The ion concentration in nature is 800/cubic. Cm, of which 400 are positive and negative ions. Using ionization technology, we can artificially implement this natural phenomenon, and maintain the life of ions for about 2.5 hours and control the concentration of ions as needed. The ionization process of self-purification of natural air is realized efficiently and harmlessly, so that positive and negative oxygen ions which are the same or similar to the natural world can be generated, and the purpose of indoor air purification is achieved, and the air quality level of indoor air and city park is made. The user "does not leave the house, such as the bath forest."
  Lideng Environmental Technology EDDA AIR - Applied physics, chemistry, biology and environmental engineering knowledge, created a plasma air purification technology, successfully achieved Einstein's ionization theory. By simulating the natural air environment, indoor air quality is significantly improved, and various harmful pollutants are effectively and quickly removed and decomposed. This is our belief that "the forest-like air can be enjoyed at home." Our technology solves many traditional problems such as activated carbon, photoion generators, ozone generators, high voltage static electricity, and photocatalysts. Our plasma air purification technology can effectively reduce dust in the air, neutralize and decompose pollutants in the air, disinfect bacteria, effectively control volatile organic compounds, and clean the air effectively!
Plasma air action:
  Edda Air plasma air is further derived from the ionization theory of Albert Einstein. It is a new technology integrating physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science. It is easy to install in air conditioning equipment, air handling units, Fresh air or air conditioning duct system installation. The release of the ionization tube controls a large number of positive and negative ion groups, actively attacking pollutants and helping us to improve the quality of the air.
It has been remembered in the fresh air of waterfalls, mountains, seaside and after heavy rains. The natural biological climate produced by plasma air technology is rich in reactive oxygen molecules, called ions; the plasma air system creates a positive and can be measured and controlled. The amount of negative oxygen ions, the negative ions contain an additional electron, and the positive ions are electrons that lack the unstable conditions caused by an electron.
Fives. Product Features:
  Edda Air plasma air can effectively improve work efficiency (use data in Europe and the United States shows up to 70% improvement), effectively prevent and control infectious diseases based on air and surface, reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases (rhinitis) , asthma, etc.) and skin allergies and other symptoms to achieve cosmetic effects; reduce air conditioning pipeline cleaning frequency and maintenance costs, reduce air static content, enhance filtration efficiency and air conditioning operating efficiency, maximize the use of return air (up to 30% - 70%), reduce fresh air to 30%-70%, reduce the number of loops to 20%, which will save energy consumption of air conditioners by 35%-75%; high cost performance, one-time investment benefits, no wearing parts or Consumables make it easy and simple to use.
Edda Air Plasma Plasma provides important technical support for traditional filtration or air purification solutions, including screening programs, UV, activated carbon, chemical, biological, catalytic oxidation and other traditional solutions for greater efficiency. At the same time, it also reduces energy consumption and reduces installation costs. Traditional air filtration only provides a partial solution that only removes larger particles. Smaller, more dangerous particles and pathogens still exist, ignoring important aspects of indoor air pollution sources (ie, not removing odors or volatiles). Substance (TVOC)). Such as formaldehyde, reducing particles, bacteria, smog, mold, decomposition of odor and volatile gases. Only a few watts of energy consumption, with central air conditioning can save 35-70%. Easy to install into existing HVAC or ducting systems, avoiding expensive modifications and long-term use. Plasma air product design and testing have passed safety standards, EU CE, CMA, CNAS certification.

Seven. Our service
  According to the actual situation, free evaluation, testing, trial, and provide professional design solutions for indoor and outdoor environment and governance.
  At present, the fresh air system equipment is relatively complicated. In order to ensure the actual effect of the project and the air quality, purification effect and feasibility, it is recommended to select four plasma air system equipment EDDA AIR/PS-508T and install it in the fresh air system equipment (AHU/PAU). / (13000/m3/h) in the wind cabinet, for controlling the source of the pollution source,
Ensure that the harmful odor content is reasonably reduced.
Eight. Certification authority
  Edda Air plasma air purification system can be directly applied to different parts of today's central air conditioning system, including air cabinet (AHU or PAU), Fan Coil and air-conditioning ducts. It is easy to install and can handle different indoor environments to control pollution sources. The source of the best to achieve the best indoor air effect.
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 At the end of 2018, all McDonald's products in Hong Kong have been installed
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Macau Hotel Fresh Air System Odor Purification Project

Plasma air system equipment
This chapter describes the technical specifications for the manufacture, supply, and installation of plasma air equipment.
General requirements:
Equipment must be brand new.
Proper protection should be taken during transportation, storage and installation to ensure that the plasma air equipment is not damaged under any circumstances.
Quality Assurance:
Plasma air equipment parts must be operated for at least two to three years or more (two years warranty, including 24/h/365 days).
System design, system indicators, system equipment, materials and processes must comply with the specifications / standards.
Plasma air equipment:
Description: It can quickly decompose formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other chemical harmful substances and odors in indoor air and kill bacterial viruses in indoor air; energy saving, safe and reliable;
1. Working principle of the equipment: According to the principle of corona discharge, the positive and negative electrodes are used to ionize the air respectively, generating a large number of balanced positive and negative ion groups. These ion groups can exist in the air for a long time to achieve sterilization and eliminate harmful gases. Neutralize the purpose of odor.
2, plasma ion tube material: internal vacuum glass tube and aluminum electrode, the outside is wrapped in stainless steel metal cover;
3. The ideal number of ionized glass tubes required should be recommended by the manufacturer to meet the special needs of different locations.
4. Plasma generating tubes, transformers, etc., and other device systems that provide safe and efficient operation to be installed in the duct.
5. There is a clear difference between the installation and the indoor air quality (formaldehyde, TVOC, etc.) without air purifier installed.
6. The connection between the ionization tube and the ionization tube unit should have a bayonet design to ensure quick disassembly during maintenance.
7. According to the air volume matching the corresponding products, the product adopts a single-end plug-in structure, the flange connection is fixed, and the flange is connected with the air duct.
8. Relative humidity within the range shall not cause damage, degradation or dangerous state inside the air purification system.
9. The product has passed the safety and performance certification: CE safety certification, provincial micro-inspection center performance certification.
10. Installation requirements, power supply requirements, location requirements, etc., depending on the actual environment (determined by the user).
11. The working time of the plasma air equipment is determined by the actual requirements of the user. The working time is long and does not affect the equipment. (The switch can be set automatically or manually according to the requirements of the user).
12. Due to the plasma air equipment, it is necessary to have a fresh air to drive the operation to achieve the ultimate effect.
13. After the purification equipment is put into operation, the indoor air will be significantly improved.